mouse and keyboard USB 2.0 PCB insert Connector
mouse and keyboard USB 2.0 PCB insert Connector


Product Name

USB connector 10.2mm

Color - Resin


Shell -

Iron & Steel

Material – Insulator


Material – Terminal

Copper Alloy

Temperature Range - Operating

 -55°C to +85°C




Current - Maximum

1.5 Amp

Voltage - Maximum

100V AC/DC

Contact resistance:

30m Ohm Max

Insulator resistance:

1000M ohm min.

Withstanding Voltage:

100V AC/Minute



Product introduction :

USB is "universal serial bus", the Chinese name is universal serial bus. This is a new interface technology that has been gradually widely applied in the pc field in recent years. The USB interface has a faster transmission speed, hot plug support, and a connection to multiple devices. Has been widely adopted in various types of external devices. There are three USB interfaces: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 in recent years. In theory, USB 1.1 can reach 12 mbps / s, while USB 2.0 can reach 480 mbps / s and be downward compatible with USB 1.1. With the rapid development of computer hardware, the increasing number of peripheral devices, keyboard, mouse, modem, printers, scanners have long been known, digital cameras, mp3 walk man one after another, so many devices, how to access the personal computer USB is based on this purpose.



OEM & ODM Service

We support some OEM & ODM orders from large multinational companies all over the world, especially from countries including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Japan and so on…


Our advantages:

1Excellent Quality: We have strict quality control system and professional quality team.

All of our products use proven materials to ensure the stable and reliable product quality from the source, and the production process adopts automated production to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.


2: Customized ServiceAccept small QTY & support product assembling.

The company has been focusing on the production and processing of wire harness products for 10 years, with a professional technical team, which can timely achieve synchronous development and technical docking with customers, optimize product design, and provide customers with complete sets of wire harness products.


3After-sales service: Powerful after-sales service system, online throughout the year, perfectly answering series of after-sales customer sales questions.


4Team Guarantee : Strong production team, R & D team, marketing team, strength guarantee.



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